A New Era: Zeah Corp

Today, the flame at Fuse Digital is flickering — but only for a moment, and we’re coming back brighter than before.

We’re reintroducing ourselves as Zeah Corp: a design and development agency dedicated to helping startups and SMEs to help launch transformative software products.

Our rebrand goes beyond finding a replacement for a name that didn’t serve us well anymore. We’ve been around 6 months — enough time to make a few mistakes, and thankfully also enough time to recover from them. We’ve learned a lot from designing products and websites, but we’ve also learned more about the larger impact we want to make in the industry.

Our new name — Zeah Corp — explains the difference in our focus:

  1. We’re driven to design and develop products with a human-centric touch.
  2. We’re determined to provide the best product development services throughout SouthEast Asia.

We’re not just another design and development agency. We sell collaboration, aligned vision, fulfilled mission. We just happen to deliver it through human-centric product development.